In our opinion, d'accord is a very good software when it comes to comparing production PDF with the original customer PDF, as well as PDF with a scan. The user interface is appealing, the handling intuitive. The parameters are easy to adapt. With a short introduction everyone should be able to get along with d'accord without any problems.
Jörg Kurelbaum, Head of Prepress, A.Landerer GmbH u. Co.KG / Groupe AUTAJON, Germany
Great thing. Adds safety to the prepress and QA, as well as customer confidence. Detects even the smallest changes. We use it not only to match customer data to good-to-print sheets, but also to "proofread" for example package inserts.
Andreas Mehl, Manager, DMS Digitaler Medienservice GmbH, Germany
Great! Customers save plates, save ink, save paper, save time, save troubles.
James McNeill, Chairman, Datalogics Inc. (Adobe PDF Library), United States
A coherent concept.
Bernd Krauß, Managing director, Krauß Software GmbH, Germany
d'accord is an excellent solution for security in quality management. The test protocol provides additional safety, especially for our pharmaceutical customers. Deviations are recognized at the beginning and reduce the risk in subsequent processes.
Volker Knoop, Managing Director, Mensing GmbH Druck & Verpackung, Germany
At first glance, we like the GUI on a Mac very well. The handling is also clear. The result is impressive, even the smallest of our built-in errors are reliably detected by the system. [...] We also liked very much your uncomplicated readiness to adapt the software to our suggestions.
Alexander Haßinger, Executive Partner, odd GmbH & Co. KG Print + Medien, Germany