Business Solutions

d'accord Pro

Save stress and costs in the prepress department. With d'accord you compare PDF files, e.g. customers PDF with the ready-to-print sheets. See all changes at a glance and avoid production errors before they cause costs or troubles.


Compare two PDF documents - fast, incredibly easy and reliably. This professional edition offers special features for business solutions such as automation, additional input formats, and report output as PDF and XML.


The early warning system for barcode printing: Check barcodes directly in your PDF print previews.

d'accord Doc

For prepress, media designers and publishers: d'accord Doc checks large volumes of PDF documents for differences.

d'accord Scan M

Compare your blanks/diecuts with d'accord Scan M and a flatbed scanner (e.g. A3) to the PDF artwork, including creasing and Braille embossing.

d'accord Scan XL

Check entire printed sheets with d'accord Scan XL and a large format scanner (e.g. DIN A0) against the imposed PDF.

Diff GT

The specialist for PDF comparison of circuit layouts and technical drawings.

Private Solutions and Small Office Solutions


Edit, view, and inspect PDF boxes. For PDF experts and desktop users.

PDiff Express

Compare two PDF documents - fast, incredibly easy and reliably. Just drop two PDF icons into the PDiff window... and instantly see the comparison results. Comparing texts has never been this easy.