d'accord Scan XL Your magic eye for digital print inspection.

d'accord Scan XL: Compare PDF with Scans

For perfect print products.

For print products without omissions, additions, unpleasant surprises from workflow and RIP, debris on plates or blanket in offset printing, unintentional deviations in text and image, problems in foreign-language texts.

Spot deviations from the PDF easily, precisely and reliably.

You see the slightest deviation at a glance - even in foreign-language texts and intricate images. And with d’accord Scan it is finally possible to reproduce and document your inspection results.

Experience the leap in quality by a digital print inspection.

d‘accord Scan outshines film proofs, light box, and also the most careful manual inspection.

Respond quickly.

If something should not be right, you know it without the large time delay of the traditional inspection methods.

Document your quality.

Create reports of sample drawing and inspection for your QA and for your customers … completely “on the fly”.

Three typical application fields

You can apply d’accord Scan M for quality control at different levels of the print production. The sooner you use the control, the sooner you recognize production errors and can fix them more cheaply. The later you use the control, the more closely you check the final product, as it ultimately reaches the client or the consumer.

Application: Control of print production.

Check early while production starts.

Before wasting time and material: The scan and precise digital examination of a printed sheet takes less than a minute. Then you can specifically review all abnormalities on screen.

Check samples from large volume print jobs.

Unlike the inspection with film proofs, the digital inspection gives you constant results without fatigue and takes very little time: you can perform your assessments at a glance.

Application: Control of outgoing goods.

Check punched blanks before delivery for errors in the printed image.

Make sure that only perfect printing products leave your house. Check your finished product against the ready-to-print PDF before you deliver to your customers.

Check for punching and embossing errors.

Optionally, you can even decode Braille embossing and check it against the plain text.

Application: Control of incoming goods at the print buyer.

Check incoming print products immediately after reception.

Check in compliance with all complaints periods for undesired deviations from your PDF artwork - especially before you pack your goods or use package inserts.

Tailored to your needs.

d’accord Scan is available in two editions to tailor the results to your products and requirements.

d‘accord Scan XL for large formats.

Check the entire printed sheet with d’accord scan XL and a large format scanner (e.g. A0) against the imposed PDF.

d‘accord Scan M for small formats.

Check individual blanks/diecuts with d’accord Scan M and a flatbed scanner (e.g. A3), taking account of creasing and Braille embossing.